What happens to your report?

Reports may be submitted to Save the Children Denmark via www.redbarnet.dk, telephone, mail or email hotline@redbarnet.dk
Reports may be submitted anonymously.

Information about potentially illegal content will be forwarded as follows:

Furthermore, information on all illegal content is forwarded to the national police for inclusion in the blocking system.

Processing the reports

Reports are being dealt with every day except for weekends and holidays. The analysis of URLs follows procedures from INHOPE and the Danish National Police.

Feedback to reporter

All users of the hotline receive an automated reply. This reply, as well as the report form, gives the option of asking for more precise feedback but no personal feedback is given automatically. The reply-page also informs the user that it is illegal to actively look after child abusive content.

Data and security

Hotline data is stored in a secure way and security tools are continuously updated. Save the Children does not store illegal images or film material.
Personal information about reporters may only be forwarded to Police after consent of the reporter.

Co-operation with the Danish National Police

Save the Children Denmark co-operates with the IT-investigation unit in the Danish National Police and consult their experts. Save the Children has a special permission from the National Prosecutor allowing hotline staff to watch illegal child abusive content.

INHOPE member

Save the Children Denmark is a member of the international hotline-association INHOPE www.inhope.org. Through this association we exchange information with more than 40 hotlines around the world. As a member, we accept to follow INHOPE standards for hotline work. INHOPE is funded by the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme.

Questions or complaints

Questions about these procedures should be sent to hotline@redbarnet.dk. Any potential complaints about hotline activities should be forwarded to redbarnet@redbarnet.dk with attention to the Secretary General.