Safer Internet Center Denmark

Since 2004, Denmark has had a Safer Internet Center under the EU Commission. The objective is to strengthen and secure responsible internet use – especially among youth, as well as fight illegal online material.


Safer Internet Center Denmark is made up of 3 partners:

  • The Media Council for Children and Young Adults has been appointed as an awareness center in Denmark. The purpose of the council is to inform children and youth about the use of the mobile phones and the internet, as well as equip parents and teachers with tools to guide children. The media council runs campaigns and coordinates many collaborations nationally.
  • Center for Digital Youth Care runs, which is a website designed as a helpline in Denmark. This helpline answers questions regarding young people’s experiences on the internet and gives advice in situations where youth have come across damaging or illegal content on the internet.
  • Save the Children Denmark’s hotline, reviews reports of images or videos of child sexual abuse. The hotline is also a member of the international network INHOPE. This makes it possible to work with hotlines all over the world to fight illegal internet use.

Strategy 2013 – 2020

Safer Internet Center Denmark and it’s partners work closely in order to achieve the goals set for them from 2013 to 2020 by the European strategy. The goals are:

  • To strengthen children’s digital competence as well as give them access to more creative online education.
  • That children and parents will be better equipped to create a safe environment on the internet. This includes providing simple and effective ways to report abuse, set age-appropriate privacy settings, set parental controls, and classify content.
  • That society as a whole will benefit from more clear procedures when identifying, reporting, and removing material of child sexual abuse on the internet.

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