The Danish National Police

Save the Children’s hotline works closely with The National Police’s Cybercrime Center (NC3). The center is a special unit of the Danish police that supports the investigation of cases involving child pornography and online crime.

Effective Teamwork

In June 2015, the Danish National Cybercrime Center obtained information concerning videos of child sexual abuse via a German hotline and Interpol.

Twenty-four hours later, the Danish police were able to identify the child in the video and arrest the alleged perpetrator.

International Police Work

The exchange of illegal material is often an international effort; therefore, the active collaboration of police forces internationally is important for stopping cybercrime.
This police collaboration is made possible through the European Cybercrime Center in Europol, or through Interpol.

NC3 has been involved in several internationally coordinated police efforts to stop networks of individuals that distribute illegal images of children.

The Blocking System

The National Police, Save the Children, and several internet service providers work together to block access to illegal images of child abuse.

This system, implemented in 2005, is a voluntary initiative set in place by the aforementioned forces.

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