Save the Children Denmark has been a member of INHOPE since 2001. INHOPE is a network of over 50 hotlines across the globe. They handle reports of images of child sexual abuse and fight to limit the distribution of child pornography.

This organization, which began in 1999 with support from the European Commission, is one Save the Children’s most important platforms for collaboration when it comes to removing images of child sexual abuse on the internet.

INHOPE has more than 170 employees in its member organizations. Every year, these employees assess over 1 million reports of potentially illegal online material. Ninety-three percent of the reported material is removed from internet within a week. On average, having illegal material removed takes 3 days, and in some cases, it is down to a matter of hours.

What does INHOPE do?

  • Coordinates the exchange of reports between INHOPE hotline members.
  • Supports and trains new hotline members.
  • Facilitates and strengthens the exchange of information.
  • Sets and secures high standards for hotlines that deal with illegal online material.
  • Works with relevant partners
  • Informs decision-makers

INHOPE’s Work with Interpol

Save the Children Denmark is via INHOPE part of a collaboration in Interpol. This collaboration’s objective is to strengthen the exchange of information concerning illegal material and in turn, identify victims of online sexual abuse.

Save the Children Denmark contributes information concerning previously unknown images of sexual abuse in Interpol’s ICSE-database.

Visit INHOPE’s website, here.