eNACSO or the European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online, is a network of 28 NGO’s that all work to ensure children’s rights online.

The network receives financial backing from EU and works to be the voice of laymen and children in the development of policy and law concerning children’s internet use.

Over the years, eNACSO has published papers on policy and developed educational material on numerous topics. As an example they have developed material about children and marketing.

eNACSO’s Focus Areas

  • The future of the internet and the protecting of children
  • The fight against images of child sexual abuse.
  • The protection of children against online sexual abuse and grooming
  • Preventive and protective initiatives in relation to children’s use of interactive technologies
  • The inclusion of children in policy development
    Save the Children has been a founding member of eNACSO since 2008.

Learn more at www.enacso.eu