I-kiz delevops new tools to handle images in the grey area

I-kiz develops new tools to restrict the number of images in the grey area.

The German initiative I-kiz fights that children are exploited for images and videos used for sexual purposes, like Save the Children Denmark does. In this context, I-kiz has published the report “Combat of the Grey Areas of Child Sexual Exploitation on the Internet”. The report’s target group is hotlines and Internet providers, and the report contains specific tools to restrict sexual exploitation of regular family photos or model pictures.

The report was published during the international conference “No Grey Areas on the Internet”, and it pursues the same agenda, that Save the Children Denmark started with the publication of the report “Images in the Grey Area” in 2014.

Save the Children Denmark urges Internet providers and social media to study I-Kiz’s report and use it in their policy development on child pornography.

Read more about the international conference “No Grey Areas on the Internet” and download I-kiz’ report on I-kiz website.

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