Canadian report on images of abuse

A Canadian report from January 2016 supports Save The Children’s concerns regarding images of sexual abuse of very young children. The report is based on studies of 43.000 images and videos of so-called child pornography.

On almost 80% of the images, the children were under the age of 12 and from these a major part younger than 8 years old. Nearly 7% were infants so young that they would belong in day cares. At the same time, the images displayed very serious abuses; 50% of all images explicitly involved sexual activity and abuse of children – and it is estimated that 70% of the images appeared to have been taken in homelike surroundings.

“What is particulary disturbing is that the children on these images are this young” states the director of Canadian Centre of Child Protection, which houses the Canadian tipline for reporting online sexual exploration of children, “…and it is obvious that sexual abuse of infants this young takes place within the family.”.

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