Campaign to prevent downloading of Child sexual abuse material

Police officers tells CSAM-viewers off online

National Police campaigns to prevent downloading of Child sexual abuse material.

Today, the Danish national police launches a campaign to prevent people from downloading images and video with child sexual abuse.

The campaign works this way: the police upload videos to p2p networks with names suggesting that the content is child sexual abuse material. Instead of abusive content, the videos show a police officer who warns people of the consequences of downloading this kind of content. Some of the wording from the video sounds like this: ”You have downloadet this file from a police computer, and we have information that we may use to identify you”.

The videos also refers to the national helpline for people with sexual thoughts and fantasies about children. According to Save the Children Denmark, this element is important: not all people are aware that the helpline exists, and if we want to stop child sexual abuse, we need to tell people with sexual fantasies of children that it is possible to control it.

The same kind of campaign is being rolled out in other European countries.

Read the national TV-news about the campaign.

Go to the helpline “Break the Circle”.